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4×4 Kenya, are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? 4×4 Kenya offers you the opportunity to explore the breathtaking beauty of Kenya on your own terms. With our reliable and affordable self-drive 4×4 car rental services starting from just $70 per day, you can embark on an 
unforgettable safari in Kenya. Our 
fleet of 4×4 vehicles is specially equipped to take you on a journey through Kenya’s diverse landscapes, whether in the rainy or dry seasons. These rugged vehicles are perfect for navigating the challenging terrains that lead to Kenya’s renowned national parks, where you’ll witness stunning wildlife safaris.

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At 4×4 Kenya, we understand that every traveler has unique preferences. That’s why we offer a diverse range of  4×4 vehicles to suit your needs. Whether you prefer the agility of an SUV like the Rav4 or TRAIL, the reliability of a Nissan Patrol, the classic Landcruiser, the versatility of a Toyota Hilux or Hiace, or the spaciousness of a safari van, we have the perfect vehicle for your road trip. We truly believe in making your Kenyan adventure truly yours. We offer various rental options, including long-term and short-term car rentals. Whether you’re planning a quick safari or an extended exploration, we’ve got you covered. We also offer convenient one-way car rental options to match your travel preferences.

Rent and drive 4×4 Kenya Fleets to your dream destination

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Hard Top Land Cruiser

Hard Top Land Cruiser enables you explore Kenya’s vast savannah vegetation habitats while watching wildlife wander around

4x4 self drive kenya

Single Roof Top Tent Land Cruise

Single Roof Top Tent Land Cruiser is perfect for travelers on solo travel, and is interested in exploring kenya’s National Parks

4x4 Toyota Extended

Extended Safari Land Cruiser

Extended Land Cruiser carry many travelers while on safari as they get enough leg room to Masai Mara National park & Amboseli

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Double Roof Top Tent Land Cruiser

Double Roof Top Tent Land Cruiser is perfect for travelers that transfer in a group exploring Kenya on a holiday vacation safari

4x4 kenya

Toyota Rav4, the best cheap 4×4 kenya

Toyota Rav4 is ideal for travelers exploring Kenya on Safari as they move from Masai Mara National Park to Samburu National Park.

4x4 kenya

Family Roof Top Tent Land Cruiser

Family Roof Top Tent Land Cruiser is ideal for travelers with family on holiday safari in kenya at Masai Mara National Park & Amboseli

4x4 kenya self-drive

Standard Land Cruiser

Standard Land Cruiser is perfect for travelers on a holiday vacation safari in Kenya as you watch wildlife and enjoy cultural encounters.

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Toyota Hiace Vans -popup roof

Toyota Hiace/ Vans are perfect for travellers that travel in groups as they explore the various safari destinations in Kenya.

toyota landcruiser tx

Toyota Land Cruiser Tx

Family Roof Top Tent Land Cruiser is ideal for travelers wih family on holiday safari in kenya at Masai Mara Naional Park & Amboseli

If you are looking for Car Rental options in Kenya and East Africa, 4×4 kenya has a wide range of rental vehicles that will meet your needs. 4×4 kenya  offer Compact vehicles, premium cars, Camper Vans, Motor Homes, and 4×4 safari vehicles. At 4×4 Kenya, we offer a range of vehicles that are tailored to meet your specific needs, all of which are accessible in Nairobi and other parts of East Africa. self drive 4×4 kenya experience with a 4×4 vehicle. Kenya is a top-tier local vehicle rental agency in the region that is dedicated to meeting all of your 4×4 kenya car hire needs.

4×4 Kenya offers competitive rates for car rental in the region and beyond Africa. We strive to be your top choice for 4×4 vehicle hire, whether it be for business, daily travel, or wedding celebrations. With our 4×4 Self Drive Kenya, you may enjoy the benefits of a relaxing journey while also receiving exceptional offers for loyal customers and dependable, customized services. For all your 4×4 car rental needs in East Africa please reach out to us at

Hire a Car with a Driver-Guide: Travel With Assurance

For those seeking an enriching experience, we offer the option of a car rental with a driver’s guide. Our experienced driver guides are passionate about Kenya and will provide you with valuable insights and information about the country’s diverse destinations.

Are you interested in experiencing the liberty of driving on wide roads with 4×4 kenya, but do you have doubts about operating a 4×4 kenya vehicle? Subsequently, procure the services of a vehicle along with a 4×4 kenya  driver that is familiar with the area. A driver-guide will enhance and simplify your road journey in Kenya, while still allowing you to have full control over your vacation and travel plans.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration with 4×4 Kenya. Your adventure begins here. 
Book your self-drive car rental today and create lasting memories in Kenya.

4×4 kenya car hire with a driver

4×4 kenya offering 4×4 vehicles with a professional driver/chauffeur guide. Our 4×4 kenya safaris provide the services of professional and licensed drivers/chauffeurs to hire a 4×4 in Kenya’s Nairobi. These drivers are available for
safaris, business trips, and tours. This is attributed to our extensive expertise in the tourism sector.

Our driver service in Kenya is a combination of our services.

4×4 Kenya’s driver operations provide clients with the best 4×4 cars in Kenya with a certified, licensed driver. Our 4×4 car rental kenya with chauffeurs offer assistance with luggage and deliver a dependable
and effective transportation service from the Airport to the city and other National Parks in Kenya. 4×4 kenya  safaris’ with chauffeurs/drivers available for 4×4 kenya car hire the extensive expertise. We
have extensive knowledge of Kenya’s traffic patterns and the most optimal routes to take within and outside the nation. Our hired drivers guarantee the safe and punctual arrival of all clients at their locations, promptly collecting
them for their next journey.