Cross Border Car Rental East Africa: Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda

Cross Border Car Rental East Africa: Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda is ideal for ravelers crossing borders. Cross Border Car Rental East Africa: Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda is the best car rental opttion as you get to explore many different safari destinations in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya.

Crossing the Border with a Rental Car is ideal for all travelers on Self Drive and Car Rental with a Driver Guide as you transfer from one destination to another enjoying Wildlife Safaris in Kenya. Self Driving is very ideal option as you get to explore other countries traversing the border as you embark in varying car rental deals like Long Term Car Rental in Kenya, One Way Car Rental Kenya, Short Term Car Rental Kenya as this gives you a combination of various safari adventures.

Cross Border Car Rental East Africa: Kenya Uganda & Rwanda Cross Border Car Rental in Kenya gives you the freedom to get to any destination of your choice hence offering you the Best Safaris beyond Kenya to countries like Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo as you engage in Gorilla Trekking, Wildlife Safaris, Chimpanzee tracking, Golden Monkey Tracking, Cultural Encounters hence enhancing unique adventures.

Self Driving our various car rental options across the borders includes surcharges  which help cover up cross-border insurance fees, regional taxes, help bring back the vehicle as well as extra insurance required while driving in a different country.

At 4×4 Kenya we offer and arrange all the border crossing paperwork on behalf of travelers booking our car rental options to take them any where they want in Kenya on vacation.

Travelers interested in exploring the various counties around East Africa, we advise you to buy the insurance needed to drive in comfortably in these these countries.

Paper Work needed for Border crossing

When traversing any border from one country to another, you are required to have the valid and necessary documentation so as to access the other side of the country you are visiting. The Paper work needed for your crossing includes; ID or proof of identity, visa, passport, driver’s license, and credit card, as well as proof of reservation or booking.

Main Border Crossing Points along the Border

  • Kenya and Namanga Border
  • Busia border for Uganda/ Kenya
  • Malaba Border for Uganda/ Kenya
  • Runga border with Tanzania
  • Isebania border with Tanzania (Serengeti, Masai Mara,)

5 Tips to Know About Cross Border Car Rental in Kenya

  1. Inform us prior about the counrty/s you intend to explore for we can advise you accordingly regarding the applicable fees to pay for the insurance and necessary documentation needed. Share your safari itinerary with our company so that we help you with information about the varying safari destinations.
  2. The extra fees paid depend on where the client is going (country) and the border they plan on using to cross with the rental car. When you inform us about the countries you are going to explore, we provide you with the documents to use at the border.
  3. Inform the company prior if you are looking into crossing the border with our vehicle as this could be helpful in case you got accidents or the vehcile gets stolen in these other countries. In case you don’t inform the company prior, every thing that happens to you is your responsibilty inclusive of all tha costs.
  4. We usually inquire about your travel plans before confirming the booking of the vehicle as this offers you adequate time to process all the required information including fees and procedures to for you, and all the paperwork needed to take with you when crossing borders with the rental.
  5. Inquire from us the countries you want to traverse into while on Cross border Car rental Safari  as there are countries we don’t authorize crossing to some countries like South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia.