Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is located in Kenya approximately 7kms (4.3mi) South with numerous wildlife species that can be watched on Game Drive with a lead park ranger guide. He Park covers an area of 117km2, on 45 square miles lying about 5000-6000 feet (1500-1800 meters) above sea level. The Park comprises of thick wood, rolling plains and valleys, many rivers.

There are 100 mammal species four of the Big five (lion, Buffalo, leopard, rhino) as well as other wildlife animals like the zebra, black rhinoceroses, giraffe, various species of antelope and many  reptiles.

There are over 500 recorded bird species 20 of which are seasonal migrants like Secretary bird, Lesser kestrel, Martial eagle, Pallid harrier, Sooty falcon, White-bellied bustard, Grey crowned crane, Corncrake etc.

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Nairobi National Park consists of 100 species of mammals like 39 lions and 90 rhinos, 40 different amphibians and reptiles. There are four of the big five wildlife animals i.e buffalos, lions, leopards, rhinos. Other than these, numerous wildlife species inhabit the park and these include; lion, leopard, hyena and cheetah. Other animal species in the park includes; giraffe, hippopotamus, blue wildebeest, plain zebra, Thomson’s gazelle, Grant’s gazelle, common eland, impala, hartebeest, waterbuck, common warthog, olive baboon, black-backed jackal, common ostrich.

Bird species

Nairobi National park is a birders’ paradise as the park consists of more than 500 bird species recorded and these include; Ostriches, secretary birds and bustards, Abyssinian thrush, Corncrakes, Fischer’s lovebirds, Grey crowned crane, Hartlaub’s bustard, Jackson’s widowbird, Kori bustard, Lesser kestrel, Martial eagle, Pallid harrier, White-bellied bustard, White-headed vultures.


Vegetation in Nairobi National Park includes; open grass plains with scattered acacia bush, dry forest on the western side of the park and riverine forest and a permanent river in the South.

Kifaru Ark

Kifaru Ark refers to the Rhinoceros Sanctuary which the famous of all sanctuaries in Kenya and here you get to watch the Rhinos in their natural vegetation habitat.

Black Rhinos

Nairobi National Park inhabits a population of black rhinos in Kenya which include; the Southern white rhinos and the Eastern (Black) Rhino.

Ivory Burning Site monument

The ivory burning monument is a very exciting and remarkable safari destination where President Daniel Arap Moi burnt ivory as a way of sending a message to all the poachers to stop killing and abducting the wildlife, and stop ivory trade.

Walking trails at hippo pools

Nairobi National Park is perfect for all travelers interested in taking on guided nature walks at hippo pools watch various wildlife animals like eland, buffalo, zebra, and Wildebeest Ivory Burning Site Monument.