Are Pets allowed on Car rental in kenya from Nairobi on Self Drive

Are Pets allowed on Car rental in kenya from Nairobi on Self Drive Safari to Masai Mara National park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Amboseil National Park, . Are Pets allowed on Car rental in kenya from Nairobi, yes they are alowed although we advise travelers to inform the car rental agencies prior before their date of arrival.

Pets on Car Rental in Kenya are accepted as you transfer from one place to another conmfotably visiting many different places like Masai Mara National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Amboseli National Park, Samburu National Park, Mount Meru National Park.

Travelers usually ask about travelling with pets in the rental if the company is okay with it as these are part of the family and are required to move with when travelling while on your vacation.

We do accept pets in our car rentals and this comes at an extra cost as travelers follow different terms and conditions of our company.

There are Terma and Conditions to follow when travelers are moving with their pets as you explore Kenya’s finest destinations.

Our Car Rental Company offers cleanig services to the car rentals and this comes at an extra charge so as to free of odours and the fur left by the pets while on safari adventure. Cleaning the Car Rental Option comes at a fee of US $125.

However, if your dog or pet causes damage to the car seats, you are required to pay an additional charge to repair the vehicle. When coming on car rental safari in Kenya, we recommend you bring with you pet carriers to carry the pets while in the vehicle.

We advise you to inform us prior when coming with your pet to Kenya so that you enjoy the Best Car Rental services so that you be on a safer side. This will enable us provide you with information regarding the pet policies while on Car Rental during your holiday and the charges.

9 Tips to Know When travelling with a dog on car rental

  1. Be careful when getting the dog/ pet in or out of a car so as to avoid damaging the seats of the hired car rental.
  2. Make use of a seat protector/ blanket to keep pets from scratching the seats and excess dog hair from getting onto the seats.
  3. Make Sure to vacuum the vehicle thoroughly after use and make it fresh for the next traveler that would contact us for Car rental Services.
  4. Make sure that your pet or dog is carefully strapped in an appropriate position
  5. Make sure the car rental smells fresh for the next traveler as you provide extra charges for cleaning the car rental option.
  6. Ensure that the dog/pet is not left in a parked vehicle beacuase the car might heat up making your pet very uncomfortable
  7. Get a break after a certain period of time as you take a walk with the pet.The Pet will also ease and defecate outside.
  8. HavMake sure you have enough water and snacks for the pet so that they are not starved.
  9. Get a passport for the pet to show proof of anti-parasite treatment.